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16¶ - Hardware
  • Main processor
  • Processor Synthesis
  • PAU (analog boards, DSP)
  • 4 boards Synthesis
  • 2 boards DA
  • 1 Mixer board
  • 2 board Console
  • 1 board Keyboard
  • 5 1/4" diskette
The circuits were gathered entirely in a Rack of 18 boards capacity with an industrial quality power supply unit.

2 Specimens of the 16¶ System  version 2 still exist but are not any more in operating state.

Harmonic Processor board

The main part of the 16- version 2 is the Harmonic Processor (or PH) entirely built-in on a single board, each one was able to synthesize 64 oscillators in additive synthesis. Thus the 16was capable of 256 oscillators synthesis with 4 PH boards.

A beginning of integration (PLD) and a circuit panel of maximum density made it possible to incorporate all the Harmonic Processor functionalities on single board.

The final hardware of second generation 16was ended enough to undertake the production.

Reduction of the number of circuit boards (system on 14 boards including the console and the keyboard), reliable, simplified and more robust manufacture.
Console Display control board

Circuit of graphic LED display scan, data display.
Console Display
Console Readout
PAU DSP board

Signal Analysis Unit (DSP TMS32010 of Texas Instruments).

Conditioning of the analysis data for the 16 resynthesis.
PAU Analog board

Analog input (and Analog-to- digital converter) of PAU (Universal Processor Audio) which is the system of analysis for the 16¶ resynthesis.
PAU Analog
Mixer board

D/A outputs mixed in Stereophony.
DA board

4 digital-to-analog converter 16 bits on a board (AD7546).

The 16on 8 mixed D/A outputs (2 boards) had 8 notes of polyphony

The Synthesis control processor board (not illustrated) but similar to the preceding one with the same type of microprocessor, comprised interfaces more adapted to the Harmonic Processors control, it was manufactured by TIL systems)
Master Processor

The Master processor board (with that of synthesis control processor) is the only circuit bought as OEM (manufactured by National Semiconductor). The microprocessor is a NS32016 also from National Semi., it was selected for its top performances for that time, its symmetrical architecture and an development environment under Unix. In fact this board was also used in Acxel.
Master Processor
Harmonic Processor
16 - System (1986-1987) (2nd version - Rack)
Console Touch Screen control board

Circuit of the touch contacts scan of control and graphic panel.
ircuits are inserted within a 19" Rack (18 boards capacity) having an industrial grade Power Supply.