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16¶ - Prototypes

Realization of the prototype of the circuits of synthesis - system, 16 version 1, will integrate, in addition to one power supply unit, 35 circuits in the case system is:
  • 24 boards -synthesis (64 Oscillators)
  • 4 boards DA
  • 2 board mixer
  • 1 board Main processor (Z80)
  • 1 board Diskette Drive
  • 2 boards processor of synthesis control (Z80)
  • 1 interface board console-keyboard and PAU
Approximate dimensions: L 120 cm X D 60 cm X H 35 cm (48" x 24" x 13.8")

Finally a Sound Analysis circuit (then called PAU - Universal Audio processor) was developed starting from the autumn 1984 and was integrated in another case system connected to the main system, incorporating at that time a new technology of a DSP TMS32010, signal capture circuits and processing.

The very first exhibition to which we presented our synthesizer was the 16 version 1 with PAU, summer 1985.

There is not unfortunately any more specimen of the synthesis circuits the 161st version, PAU 1st version and their enclosure.
Realization of a Console Touch Screen prototype with LED matrix combined with a wooden keyboard with velocity detection. MIDI will be installed later in 1984 with version 2 of the 16.

The piece of furniture of the console and the first system enclosure are out of ash wood, the circuits are incorporated in metal frames. The first and second version of the console of the 16will be manufactured on the same model of piece of furniture (natural color) but the circuits of the 2 versions will be different: between 6 and 10 circuit boards of console and keyboard.

Unfortunately there is not any more specimen of the console of the 16¶.
Working Prototypes - 1983
  - Touch sensitive Console
  - Incorporated keyboard
  - Synthesis System
  - Analysis & Resynthesis system
16 - System (1983-1985) : Prototype & version 1
16 - Prototype Console & Keyboard (1983)