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The Acxel II

From 1998 to 2001 studies were carried out on an integrated resynthesizer and coupled to a computer, the result was the DVS (Digital Versatile Synthesizer). The system was based on MCAPS processor derived from the Harmonic Processor of original Acxel. A Windows edition software coupled to processors DSP acted to control the synthesis functions

In 2001 and 2002 basic elements of Acxel II were defined to carry out a circuit and a Windows software that took the edition functions and integrated them on synthesis control on a PCI board. These are the first elements of Acxel II.

Finally since 2002 a new processor, RPP was developped, integrated on same PCI card. A new Analysis software was established to integrate the whole of the functions of new Acxel II. Acxelink synthesis Mode, signal processing, resynthesis, expandable.

PCI board was also useful for video tests.
Acxelink editing mode - Cell to Cell link
ACXEL (1988-1992) - Console (Grapher) &Rack (Solitary)
16- System (1986-1987)
(2nd version Rack)
16 - Console & Keyboard (1984-1987)
Starting from 1987 whole the design of the 16was given on the drawing boards:
  • Studies on integrated circuits structures (ASIC).
  • Advanced editing software
  • Analysis Software on DSP
  • Complete Redesign of components for the setting in production
  • Equipment of Synthesis expandable in option

39 Acxels were delivered between 1989 and 1992
At the very beginning the 16whose development started in 1982 to lead to an initial version and a presentation with the summer 1985 NAMM in New-Orleans. Producted 2 units.

One 16version 2 was developed with the same console and in system of Rackmount type enclosure. Producted 4 units, it was used for various exhibits representations and was replaced by Acxel.

Already at this stage the 16integrated the basic elements of what was going to become Acxel and Acxel II: A sound Equipment of Synthesis of high technicality, analysis algorithms for resynthesis, a touch sensitive graphic console.
And current partners:
Also my partner in life, my love - Madeleine Carrier and my other partners in the current project of which Serge Glories and Hildegarde Nuyens.

I do not forget colleagues who give a project support Robert Bériau and Marc Giroux.

A particular greetings to Michael Seipel that I met with the NAMM in 1985 and since that time became a faithful friend and a privileged advisor.

I also greet these users of original Acxel or specialists met along these years and with which for several, I still have contacts and discussions on our mutual passion: Werner Schönenberger, Jacques Chabot, Mark Read, André Lambert, Don Garbutt, Clive Smith, Michel Geiss, Gerald Pape and others.

Pierre Guilmette - Inventor of RPP and Acxel.
The RPP and Acxel 2 draw their origins from an adventure which began at the beginning of the years 1980, more precisely with the 16. It starts obviously from a concept, but this invention to become a reality required the participation of various teams, that pass the relay in an environment of intense creativity.

The RPP processor in an evolution and a generalization to a reconfigurable parallel processor from the audio parallel processor originally developped for the Acxel.
I greet these musicians, engineers and technicians who accompanied me in this human adventure, and also with these businessmen which had confidence and dared.

At beginning on the 16 and original Acxel:
First of all to Nil Parent who was responsible for the operational design, Maurice Provencher who made of it a real business project, these engineers, technicians and administrators: Luc Patry, Bernard Guilmette, Patrice DIon, Michel St-Hilaire, Sylvain Masson, Luc Duranleau, Jean Audet, Marcel Couture, Gilles Rheault, André Côté, Christine Piché, Pierre-Paul Bédard, Jocelyn Éthier, Jacques Pilon, Guy Pelletier, Jacques Desmarais and all others contributors.

In the MCAPS phase (1998 - 2002) which leads to the DVS:
The technical team programmers and engineers mainly: Serge Béland, Bernard Vallée, Luc Patry, Carl Giroux and also Tomy Dalaire, Samuel Poitier, Javier Boissonneault, Hugo Marchand, Lyne Jacques, Etienne Martineau and others.

And the RPP (from  2002) which leads to its generalization and the Acxel2 (from 2008):
The technical team programmers and engineers mainly: Rachelle Ouedraogo, Cédric St- Amand and Luc Ouellet.