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DVS System
DVS analog board (1999)
  • Analog IN board with AD converters - 24 bits 96 khz.
  • Analog OUT board (not shown) with DA converters - 24 bits 96 khz.
DVS MCAPS board (1999)

DSP Sharc Processor and MCAPS on Synthesis board
DVS system (1999)

DVS view from inside:
  • Mother board (Backplane)
  • Master Processor (Sharc ADSP21065L)
  • 1 board synthesis with MCAPS and DSP (Sharc ADSP21065L)
  • 1 board analog OUT
  • 1 board analog IN
  • 1 board interface (PC, MIDI)
  • Power Supply
  • A Main processor (DSP Sharc)
  • 4 synthesis boards sites comprising the new MCAPS processors which replace the Harmonic Processors, with extended capacities.
  • Analog input-outputs

However the DVS does not have a console, it is dependant on a PC editing software to which it is connected by serial port. It was considered to associate an analysis board, a console and a hard disk to it.

The DVS constitutes the Prototype bench bench for Acxel 2 RACK under development. However Acxel 2 RACK could operate at an entirely stand alone manner and be connected if needed to a Host computer for editing requirements or be connected to a Grapher. Acxel 2 RACK preserves slots for synthesis modules.

The DVS made it possible to identify a certain number of weaknesses and limits on the MCAPS processor mainly on its flexibility, which led to RPP processor.
The DVS (1998-1999) constitutes a development study of a system having an architecture similar to that of Acxel at synthesis level: