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16¶, Acxel, DVS, Mcaps,
RPP - The Teams
RPP PCI board (at the end of 2001), the development of RPP processor on this board started in 2002 until now thru a new more generic PCI card (2009).

RPP is a complete generalization of the previous processors (Mcaps, Harmonic Processor - 16p/Acxel), it multiplies the potential of use and the performances for the Acxel II. Also applicable in other fields (Video, audio, telecoms, etc)
The DVS study (1998-1999) with the MCAPS processor introduction (advanced Harmonic Processor) made it possible to carry out a functional version of a Synthesizer having similar architecture to Acxel (editing software on PC). Development of the software basis of the Acxel II.

The development of the MCAPS continued in 2000 - 2001 and led to RPP in 2002 and a sound card (PCI). More advanced development of the software and the new Analyzer. Acxel II PCI is derived from this system.

Acxel II SAS is derived from the DVS on the level of Architecture in much more integrated (system of dimension of a DVD player) and is stand alone while having a connectivity to PC/MAC.
30 months of work (team extended to 11 starting from in Fall 1984) on the first version of the 16 brought us to the summer 1985 with the NAMM fair in New-Orleans, where we met our first European distributors.

The 16 - 2nd version spent 18 months to be carried out, to lead in at the end of 1986, where the first studies on Acxel started. Basically the same team was extended to work on the Acxel.
1981 : Design of the 16, principle of resynthesis
and applied additive synthesis.

1982 : first meetings between Pierre Guilmette
and the Nil Parent a electroacoustic
music teacher at the Laval University in Quebec city.
Presentation of the concepts. The objectives are set up.
RPP at very beginning (end 2001), actual partners

- Pierre Guilmette - Serge Glories -
(not shown on picture the partners: Madeleine Carrier, Hildegarde Nuyens)
DVS / MCAPS Team : at beginning (summer 1998)

- Javier Boissonneault - Étienne Martineau - Serge Béland - Lyne Jacques -
- Pierre Guilmette - Serge Glories - Samuel Poirier - Hugo Marchand -

(not shown on picture: Bernard Vallée, Danielle Cloutier, Luc Patry, Carl Giroux and Tomy Dalaire)
First Team - Technos (in1984):

- Nil Parent - Patrice Dion - Pierre Guilmette - Bernard Guilmette - Luc Patry - André Côté -                                                              
Departure from Québec City for the first fair with the 16 - Technos / PiTechnos
(Summer1985  NAMM - New-Orleans)

- Luc Patry - André Côté - Marcel Couture - Sylvain Masson - Pierre Guilmette - Luc Dostie -
- Michel St-Hilaire - Nil Parent - Michel Boisclair - Bernard Guilmette - Patrice Dion -

(not shown on picture: Maurice Provencher, Jean Audet, Luc Duranleau, Gilles Rheault, Christine Piché, Pierre-Paul Bédard, Jocelyn Éthier, Jacques Pilon, Guy Pelletier, Jacques Desmarais  and others...)                                                                                                                                                             
At the beginning of 1983 : organization of the initial team (6) and beginning of work of the 16 development.

1984 - 1985 : Complete Engineering team ( 8 - 12), programmers and musicians. 16¶ completion.

1986 - 1992 : Development and Marketing of the original Acxel, few changes on teams with programmers in particular.

1998 - 2002 : DVS development and Acxel II prototypes elements.

2002 - : RPP development.

2008 - : RPP based Audio & Video applications.
2008 - : Acxel 2.