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Grapher Detail - Circuit and Display
Grapher - Circuit and Display Panel

This panel incorporates the LED assemblies (moulded assembly fixtures to ensure a perfect adjustment for the 2 Panels attachment, so as to the LED chimneys of the Circuit Panel fit in the corresponding holes of the Contacts Panel.

The circuit contains Microcontroller which supervises the interface functions on the reading level, Display and the transmissions towards the Solitary. Specific modules carry out the detection of the tactile contacts coming from the Contact Panel.

Grapher - Circuit and Display
Grapher Detail - Panel contact
Grapher - Panel Touch Sensitive contacts
Grapher - Contacts Panel

Each element consists of a 5.85 mm square comprising 4 points of contact, in the center of the squares where a LED display is necessary, a hole lets pass the top part of the corresponding LED.
  • At touch of one or several squares the read-out circuit establishes the priorities of contacts and identifies the graphic point corresponding order.
  • Information is transmitted using codes towards the Solitary (Acxel Maiframe) that the Main Processor processes.
  • According to the nature of the code the Main Processor of Acxel sends in its turn orders of graph display and data towards the Grapher which will make the process of it on LEDs and Alpha-Numeric display.
The Grapher represented a distinctive mark of original Acxel. It was conceived for easily making it possible to the musician to program and parameterize the sound elements in an intuitive and interactive way.

In the context where the Mice were still of recent use and where the access to sophisticated machines was at the very least difficult, the Grapher was a Design success.

But between the middle and the end of the 80's , the assembly of such arrangements in matrix display of 2048 points was a good challenge of design to lead to an efficient manufacture.

The Grapher consists of 3 principal elements enchased in anodic black aluminum Extrusion:
  • Panel on top - Contacts
  • Panel on lower part - Matrix of LEDs, Read-out circuits and Display, Interfaces.
  • Power Supply unit
Acxel - The Grapher

A graphic Touch Screen as Acxel User Interface - The Grapher