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Application Analysis - resynthesis (2002 - 2003)
Analysis Extensions Instruments (2008)
Analysis Extensions Instruments / Tracks-Sequences / Rendering / Cells (2012)

The illustrated application represents the Acxel 2 Analyzer, on an example of a violin analysis. Once the analysis is done, the cells necessary for resynthesize the sound are programmed accordingly.

This application is directly interfaced with the Acxel 2 editor.
Application Synthesis - Acxelink mode window (2002 - 2009)

The cells are represented by specific icons, by selecting a given cell its parameters window becomes accessible: Double envelopes, waveforms,…

The cells have the possibility of being connected between them, of cells outputs towards parameters inputs corresponding to the 5 cells parameters: Amplitudes, frequencies, phases, filters, morphing/symmetry.
The software which was developed on the DVS then on Acxel 2 was carried out in 2 related modules:
  • The editing application and representation of the synthesis modes
  • Acxelink
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Analog Synthesis
  • The application of sounds analysis for the resynthesis.

DVS Software base structure has been transported on the Acxel 2 in particular for the native synthesis mode (Acxelink), Editing low level principles (Envelopes, Spectra, Waveforms) and on links (as shown on following picture)

RPP hardware is used as platform for the Acxel 2 CARDversion.
The Acxel 2 is built based on RPP processor with DVS as initiator for Acxel 2 Rack, and of MCAPS-PCI board for Acxel 2 Card.
And... The Acxel 2