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RPP is not a specialized processor but rather a generic computing unit having a high level of parallelism and a extensive flexibility: then the possible applications go well beyond what we consider for initial applications libraries development, here is a summary of different elements:

  • Fixed telephony and mobile 3G - 4G: Video Codecs - audio, physical layers, multiprotocol, video-phony.

  • Television high definition: Video Codecs - audio, multiprotocol.

  • Telecommunications: Video IP, modems, multiprotocol.

  • Imaging: Processes (correction), recognition, Identifications, security, 3D.

  • Audio, Acoustics, Signal, Vibrations: Instruments, analyzers, noise reduction and discrimination, acoustic generators, speech recognition, sound synthesis, voice synthesis, modulation, PWM, morphing, ambiophony 3D acoustics, dynamic structure analysis, acoustical multiprocessing.

  • Safety: Alarms on identifications events, analysis.

  • Networking, House automation: Dynamic network management, remote, control, telecommunications, controls on vocal orders, processing on signal and high density data, analyzes physical time-reality - protocols - transfers of data.

  • Video gaming: 3D Animation, sound synthesis, voice synthesis, image synthesis, dynamic response in real time on orders or signal contents.

  • Robotics - Manufacturing: Real Time Quality control, Analyzes dynamic behavioral, self-calibration, dynamic control, complex controls.

  • Parallel processing machines: Emulation - Simulation on complex and dynamic parameter setting, complex calculations.

  • Analog: Real Time Analog circuits emulation, “feedback”, transfer functions, emulation on characterized components, network (circuit), physical layers (audio, RF), active and passive circuits, coupling, resonance, interference, noise, signal compensations, filtering.

RPP Applications
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